May 29, 2012

Renovation Show: The Block 2012

 Did you like Sophie and Dale's idea last night on The Block?  I don't watch it much but love a good room reveal.... if only they could cut the rest of the crap.  I thought S&D did well to get so many thrifted suit cases the right size!  I hadn't seen this idea either so while I am not sure how practical it is, they do look great and original.

I adore the exposed brick wall, especially with the other elements they have included in this hallway - the fabulous Coconut Beads in black pendant from Grant Dorman Interior Products makes this space, love, love!!

The other space I really liked was Brad and Lara's.  It looks like they kept true to the original plasterwork in the hallway. 

This product shot doesn't do the pendant justice but it was really lovely and again, made the hallway (theirs was white).  The light is the Fandango lamp from Hermon & Hermon.  The block website has supplier lists on all the rooms - handy!

I enjoyed this colour palette too.  The wall art could have had more pop I thought to blend in with the bed colours but overall I would be happy sleeping here, fresh and calm.


Kelli said...

I love Sophie and Dale's style and i thought the suitcase drawers were particularly ingenious. A well deserved win in my opinion.