May 7, 2012

Family Holiday: New Zealand

We had a lovely week away in New Zealand hanging with my brother and his wife in Auckland.  It was a very low key holiday (much like Josiah's birthday :)  The main objective was to relax and spend time with my family.   We did get to the Maritime Museum and the local beach, playgrounds etc but also enjoyed reading magazines in the hammock, lounging around, toasting marshmallow's and so on.
I love these snaps of the kids collecting rocks, digging their hands into the pools of shells and getting wet!  Hubby and I may have been sneaking a kiss when we turned around and Josiah was ankle deep in a puddle, shoes, socks and all!!  He ended up getting croup which wasn't much fun but recovered quickly after some medication.

Jeremy and Elizabeth with our kiddos.  Anya (4.5yrs) was a fabulous traveller, Josiah was great on the way over, not so good on the way home.  Booking a flight at his sleep time didn't work well for him (a solid 2 plus hr day sleeper).  I did make Anya a mini tote for the plane trip and she received a lovely surprise from my cousin's wife but she was sucked in by her own individual screen!!!  

Daddy and his girl in NZ making 'Marshmellow roasts' - inspired by Despicable Me.   We have come home to COLD Canberra... heaters on and my feet are freezing!  It is lovely to have a break but always nice to be back in our own space.