September 14, 2011

Sewing for Home - My First Lap Quilt - Finished

Amy Butler - Soul Blossoms in Passion Palette
Ta-da!!!!!!  Here it is, all finished.  I am really happy with my first ever quilt and christened it last night while I read blogs and drank coffee :-)  My little helper also had a snuggle in it this morning.


I made the quilt out of a bundle of fat quarters from Hawthorne Threads, some extra white cotton and then one yard of Temple Doors in Basil and one yard of Peacock feathers in Blush for the back.

I basically cut my entire pack of fat quarters into three inch strips and sewed together, repeating the pattern for all eleven designs of fabric, four times.  As mentioned here, there are two different types of white fabric, then the binding is just made from the remaining three inch strips, sewn together.  I found a simple to follow tutorial on you-tube 'how to attached and make quilt binding' by Crafty Gemini.  I didn't hand sew either, all machine and the binding is stitched in the ditch.

My quilt is wonky is places and by no means perfect but I know it will be useful, loved and hopefully may become an heirloom for my family.   


Posie Patchwork said...

It's beautiful Mrs Grace, an heirloom in the making indeed, love Posie

Danielle said...

You've done a beautiful job there Ros, looks like it will be well-loved too!

Victoria Sayer said...

Such a lot of effort, I'm sure, but the result speaks for itself. Great work Ros. No doubt it WILL get lots of use and give loads of comfort and snuggles during its lifetime of use. (Especially there in Canberra!)The colours really compliment your Little Angel's hair, by the way ;-)

gret said...

Lovely x

Yana said...

congrats on your first ever quilt! you did a great job and it looks lovely :)