August 1, 2011

Sewing for Home - My First Lap Quilt - Part Two

Do you like how my quilt is coming along? As mentioned earlier, I decided to just freestyle it over using a pattern and I like how it is turning out.

The strips are 3 inch wide - 18.5 inch long. I used Michael Miller - Beatnik Blur for the middle white cross. It is a white on white pattern which I really liked but didn't buy enough of and then couldn't find any more! So I just bought a bright white from Spotlight and it made the outside border.

At each intersection of white and patterned fabric, I made a mini patchworked square. It was a problem fixer that became a feature. My quilt is filled with imperfections but I don't really care! Now to decided HOW to quilt it? Machine or chunky hand quilting? Decisions, decisions. Feel free to add your two cents worth.


Yana said...

its turning out very nice! lovely colours and the white matches nicely. for quilting you could do some chunky hand quilting, i think that might be nice :)