September 29, 2011

Bedroom Interiors Inspiration

Lonny Mag
I am still looking for bedroom inspiration...  I don't think I could do walls this dark as we have a darkish wooden bed and I'd be worried about the room feeling too small?  We now have a gorgeous white quilt cover which I love.  The pictures look fabulous above the bed on that shelf and really pop with the dark walls.

Really love these colours at the moment.  This gorgeous cushion is from Elkhorn - they were stallholders once at our Handmade Market (which is on this weekend by the way - mega market both Saturday and Sunday)  back to the cushion... I love it dearly but couldn't part with $115 for it!  It is such a beautiful print.

These are decorative fretwork panels you can attach to your own furniture - in moderation!  I love the idea.... Laser cut balsa-wood or perspex might work too (if you happen to have a laser cutter) ha ha!  I also love the idea of pressed metal, it would be awesome left silver, then paint it for a new look.

Image via Design Sponge
We have an old metal chest at the foot of our bed like this.  It was my husband's grandfathers from the war, he was in the Air force.  It is complete with serial number and name painted on.  Gordon's dad put some caster wheels on it - it's still heavy but I love it.  I really like the 'collection' approach of photos above the bed done on a large scale too.

Via Design Sponge
 How wonderful is the 'tree' clothes rack!  That would totally work in a bedroom if you wished to have your clothes on display - or had limited cupboard space.  I love bringing nature indoors!  I have some blossom buds/branches that had been trimmed by council I'm guessing that I pulled over on the side of the road for! Shoved them in my boot (fun ;) they are waiting patiently in my backyard to be thought into something wonderful!  Hubby is under strict instructions to NOT throw out!