September 14, 2011

Giant Paper Coffee Filter Chandelier - sneak peek

Made from hundreds of industrial sized coffee filters, shaped into bells and slowly sewed together over the last 5 weeks I am pretty happy with the results!  We strung this baby up today in the Handmade Canberra marquee at Floriade, in preparation for Saturday's opening.

More photos of the completed installation to come.  Unfortunately the inside of the marquee isn't looking too sexy in these photos but you get the idea!  For my Aussie readers I bought the filters from Coffee Shrine and they were very reasonable.  If you go to Floriade make sure you pop in and visit the Handmade marquee located in the Floriade village, in between the Chilli tent and tea place.


Yana said...

wow, this is beautiful! i am seriously considering going to floriade this year, never been! :)