September 22, 2011

DIY - Sequin Bracelet and Fabric Confetti

Evie S

A found this lovely blog via one of my daily reads, Ashley Ann Photography.  This is a super simple DIY but very cute and I know my daughter would love it, me too.  A good little craft for primary aged girls at a birthday party don't you think and twine would be a sweet to add colour.  Evie S is a talented graphic artist and has a lovely free download section worth visiting.

Twirling Betty
Another simple but fun tutorial.  Betty makes gorgeous cake bunting too!  So many ideas, not enough time in the day, week, month...


Danielle said...

Great idea! Will store this for future reference! (have you come across any good ideas for things to do at little girls birthday party? Elli about to turn 3 and am racking my brains....) Have a lovely day! Danielle

Rosalind said...

Hmmm,I did a feature on an art party a while back.. you could do a simplified version of that? I'm sure Mr Google would be a great help too :-)