September 16, 2011

Poppies for Spring

Aren't my Poppies lovely!!  They are starting to open and shed their hairy, paper-like shells.  Almost as addictive as popping bubble wrap :-)  I am a massive fan of my macro lense.  I haven't photographed flowers for a while... and the detail this lense captures excites me every time. 

 Oh thanks for letting me know about the niggles on my site- I have discovered the new template goes a little crazy when I post twice in one day!  Throws out my layout.. must get technical adviser onto that.  I haven't seen it yet but some of my handmade pieces are supposed to be in the Homestyle Sewing magazine in the UK, released today, I can't wait to see it!  My first magazine - woo hoo, it is a Downton Abbey inspired issue.  Have a fabulous weekend - I am off to Floriade.


Danielle said...

Hi Ros - beautiful photos of your poppies! Congrats on the magazine too! Have a lovely time a floriade - can't quite believe it's already that tine of year again! Danielle

Alicia said...

Gorgeous Poppies!! Thanks for sharing!