May 10, 2011

Archie the Elephant Themed Children's Party

My son had a second bash at celebrating his first birthday last Saturday! Gorgeous Archie the Elephant stationery from Polkadot Prints provided our theme for his party. We had a small party at home with some of his posse.

I made one of the best chocolate cakes I have ever made!! It was DELICIOUS! I will have to share the recipe in another post, it is my one bowl chocolate cake never-fail recipe. My husband wrote Josiah's name on the cardboard bunting with his mad typography skills :-) No computer neccessary!

There was no big fancy sugar-loaded dessert buffet, just some themed sweet and savoury morning tea that didn't break the budget, wasn't over the top crazy and very achievable for this mum with two young children! I just want to encourage the other mum's, Auntie's, grandmothers etc... that you don't have to go completely overboard to do something memorable and creative for the little (or not so little) people in your life.

Shock horror, un-iced party favours! I ran out of time the night before and know my limitations and the funny thing is our entire plate of un-iced elephant biscuits ran out first before the cupcakes did! They were Vanilla biscuits from my biscuiteers book and they are very tasty - just as they are.

I think the birthday boy enjoyed himself and loved the open door access from the house to the back courtyard thanks to a gorgeous sunny day! I think that was his favourite part of the morning! In and out....

This face makes my heart melt! Oh, I made some cute fringey streamers but didn't get a good photo - they were supposed to look like a circus canopy over the food table! kind of did ;p


Brenda said...

What a lucky little man being able to celebrate twice!

Love the cake....yummo!