May 11, 2011

Modern Work Space Interiors

This would inspire me to work! A neat clean space surrounded by beautiful prints (minus the dog under the table!)

A beautiful light and airy workspace, not so great for the laptop with glare but perfect for dreaming of new designs, sewing and writing cards!

I like the hanging screen which looks like it gives the appearance of designating 'spaces', maybe in an old church loft? Beautiful windows, don't you think.

Another gorgeous vintage desk in another great light and airy space! Don't worry my work space does not look like this and I won't be showing you any time soon :-)

Click on images for links - all via Pinterest!


gret said...

Haha. You're funny re: the dog. You can send him to my place, though I do like outside dogs with indoor priveleges occasionally. :)

Nice spaces, lovely.

G x

Karen Brock said...

Lovely images. You've inspired me to spend some long overdue time organising my workspace!