May 27, 2011

DIY - Doona Cover

My friends in Melbourne have a doona cover similar to this in a mushroom pink and I loved it the minute I saw it! I have been searching for a white one ever since (almost 5 years). I probably haven't looked hard enough but was delighted to see this tutorial online via Grosgrain.

Simple and so cool! I wouldn't have picked this was made from a knit fabric, would you?! Anyway, I'm also not sure why women generally dominate the bedroom decorating - I have seen some WAY too feminine bedrooms but I also wouldn't like to sleep in burgundy and forest green man stripes :-)

I'm leaning towards the lemon, white and grey palette at the moment - this headboard is fun too!

Poor hubby got all four wisdom teeth out yesterday but he is being a trooper and hasn't whinged once, he says they breed you tough in Nth Queensland. We haven't got much on this weekend thank goodness! I'm looking forward to doing some things around the house... See you next week.


gret said...

Get well GG! x

Karen Brock said...

Thanks for posting this quilt tutorial. I really like it too....i'll pop it on my wish list of things to try on my next day off.
best wishes

Dee said...

I love that wood board headboard! So cool! :)

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh bless your FNQ husband's wisdom teeth, my husband got his out at 29, what a baby. It was also the week i had twins, so i had 4 babies to care for.
The doona idea is great, i'm into masculine bed linen, i mean, my husband & son have to contend with 4 girls in this house as it is. I just can't imagnie having sex in a full on floral ruffle scary Nanna set up, eeww.
That bed head is amazing, i love it & i want it!! Love Posie

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i think you might mean 'Trooper' as in tough guy, 'Trouper' is a bit more chorus line dancer, ha, i never pick spelling misadventures, i'm a terrible speller!!
Roar says hi to your children, he's on my lap, yes, he's 7!! Love Posie