May 31, 2011

Daily Reminder

This should be on my wall - how about you? I am sure it would help eleviate the stress we put on ourselves, yes?

On a side note an interesting discussion on Decor8 about Pinterest and Photographer credit! I had commented to say I hadn't had any problem to credit the author of any pics I pinned... that was until this morning. It is quite unclear who this is by and I don't have super vision to read the fine print. Anyone?


gret said...

Heck yes. I need that too.

Angela Osborn said...

Oh my! I definitely need to be reminded on this constantly too.

Chelsea Art Designs said...

OMG! So ture because I often feel guilty that I am not always able to do everything 100% perfect all the time. Especially with young children, working, crafting and being a house manager (as I like to call it!)