May 25, 2011

Baby Shower details

Iced biscuits or fondant? What do you prefer? I know the fondant biscuits look so much prettier and take far less work but the iced biscuits taste better! The prams were quite clumsy, mostly because my icing wasn't as good. I think the shape was too big, I know I prefer a smaller bite if I am sampling other sweet things. They would have been good for favours.

Even though it was a baby shower it was high tea too - hence the teapots. Spots are nice and easy! The flowers from Mondays post were for this baby shower - I always contributed those flowers to The House That Lars Built but it seems they are a tutorial by Eloise Corr Danch on Martha Stewart.

Anyway, back to cookies - I tried to roll my fondant thick enough to be able to press a pattern onto the biscuit but thin enough to still enjoy the taste.

The lovely hostess made these jelly shots topped with fruche, strawberries and a touch of mint, they looked and tasted great.

My gorgeous sister-in-law Kate. Doesn't she look fabulous! Approximately 1 month to go. I'm so excited to be an Auntie again.


Melissa said...

Ros you are just so clever! I love the butterfly biscuits and the teapots are so cute! I must say I'm with you in prefering iced over fondant - purely for taste!