September 29, 2009

Retail Therapy

I hate early morning starts and 5.30am wasn't my idea of a good start to the morning. My poor little babe wet through to her PJ's which is fine, we dealt with that promptly but normally she goes back to sleep snuggled in with us quite nicely... not this morning. Aghhh.... Anyway, I am trying my best not to be grumpy and would definitely like a shopping fix to brighten my day - however shallow that may be... a girl can dream. It is supposed to be spring here in Canberra but it's been freezing... the weekend was a killer. So these Anthropology pieces might help me feel I am heading into summer and a little retail therapy never hurt anyone.


~ Kim ~ said...

I hate those mornings or nights too. I wish I had some cool thrift shops nearby but I had to settle for a cheap store where I found a pretty shirred top for just $10. I felt so much better.