September 22, 2009

New lovely things

I wanted to show off these divine little pieces I scored from both my cousins who do beautiful work (I also had a few for sale on my stand at the markets). The little pin cushion is made by Gret who has an Etsy store and the tissue cover is made by Yana (who may open a little store down the track). Gretel's is linen with vintage embroidery and Yana's is linen with lovely fabric from Ink & Spindle. It fits those little packets of tissues perfectly but one lady who purchased one mentioned she was going to use her for an Ipod or jewellery!


Yana said...

aren't you a lucky lady? ;)

Jenn Ballard said...

oh that's a good idea - ipod! Altho my ipod is very tiny! Well not very - but it may slip out of that! But that's a good idea for you Yana ...???