September 2, 2009

Lovely ribbons and material

How lucky did I feel this month to have been given two lots of goodies from two lovely ladies who wanted to clear out some things they no longer had use for! I got some stunning fabric from Rockstars and Royalty the colours are good enough to eat and my friend's mum gave me the ribbons and lace etc. I have to sit on my hands for a bit because the creative in me wants to get lost in it all and MAKE but I have 'organising' type stuff to do for the markets - I feel like the prep has been going on forever and I am looking for the day just arriving now!


Esther Greenwood said...

Very very nice. Can see a lovely headband made from the daisy type lace at the top.

Do you have any use for bridal veil fabric? Remember the MASSIVE cathedral veil I had...erm...first time? I'm pretty sure it is lovingly packed in a box waiting for someone to make it into modern bridal hair do-dads.

Yana said...

you've got some lovely stuff there :) now you can make even more pretty things!