September 30, 2009

Pattern Review and beginners tutorial - Versatile Wrap Skirt

Well here it is - My versatile wrap skirt! I am pretty happy with how my skirt turned out. It ended up being a quick sew, something you could definitely whip up in an afternoon and a great pattern for beginners (Pascale;). Although I have to admit when I first opened the pattern I was slightly annoyed there was no pattern pieces (you have to draft your own). I looked at the rather long a,b,c explanation of how to draft the pattern and and threw it aside for a while. Once I got over it, I dug out the pattern and had a better look, saw 3 easy diagrams with measurements and I was set.

  • I drew the pattern straight onto the material then cut it. I used the selvedge as the bottom line on each pattern piece, to make sure I had at least one perfectly straight line. I then traced those pieces onto large sheets of tissue paper for future reference.

  • These photos are for beginners!!

This is how the 3 pieces sewn together are meant to look in step one.

I cut my 6 x strips (which become your hem edging and waist edging/tie) in step three, out of my left over Birdie Sling plain material to contrast and even though it's not a perfect match it really makes the skirt I think. I again used the selvedge to guide me for a straight bottom line and then measured them all out and cut.

This is after they are all sewn together in one continuous line and ironed in half.

Attaching strip to the bottom of the skirt in step four.

Step four (b)

How the hem looks once attached. What a great idea to hem a skirt hassle free! You might just notice my seams are different in size, you might want to make the end seam bigger on the edging if you are a perfectionist and want them to align... perfectly :-)

Step five - this is how the top tie/waistband should look when you have sewn it.

The pattern doesn't say too but I clipped my corners for less bulk when I turned my tie inside out.

Step five (f) I recommend using a large safety pin to turn your tie inside out. It is easy enough to undo it and jiggle it out even though it is encased in your tie once turned completely inside out.

Back darts

Side seams on band

  • I originally made a button hole on the waistband to pass the long end of the tie through like the pattern suggested but when I tried it on it didn't sit right and for some reason the button hole ended up too far over.
  • I also found it way too bulky around my waist and because I have a narrow waist and a healthy rounded butt, so I found the best solution was inserting two little darts at the back (over each cheek;)
  • Fortunately the darts took care of my bad button hole alignment. I decided to go without a button hole for now.
  • The last photo is the waistband/tie at the side seams. Because of the shape of the top of the skirt (see 2nd photo) I had to pinch the material in where the side seams met and top stitch it because as I pinned/sewed the band it gathered. Sometimes you can work the material so that it doesn't but I found there was too much allowance in the tie. You'll see the angles in that 2nd photo where the sides meet.
  • I think I would prefer it slightly longer too, mine did not look as long as the picture on the front of the pattern. I am around 5'6 and it sits just below my knees.
  • I like my skirts to sit on my hips and not around my waist so I think I allowed a little more room width wise (choose medium pattern) but I probably didn't need to as I think it is generous in it's sizing and wrapping around your body!
  • I love that when you walk - it doesn't flash your knickers :-)

Happy Sewing and I would love to hear your thoughts if you have also used this pattern.

*Ed's note - 16th Feb 2011 - I took my measurements the other day and realised I probably should have made the small! I think that is why I had so many problems with the waist! silly me. I still love wearing the skirt.


gret said...

Gorgeous. Lovely work and colours. x

Yana said...

the skirt is lovely! thanks for such a detailed review.

mammajoy said...

Oh thank you thank you thank you for posting pictures and some hot tips on making this skirt! I've been a bit stuck a few times and nothing explains better than a nice colour picture! I'm almost finished my first one...think I'm gonna love it.