October 22, 2013

Visual Artist: Meredith Woolnough

Ginko Leaves Mandala (detail) by Meredith Woolnough 
Do you know how much I love finding a new artist only to discover they are Australian?  I must be more patriotic than I think.  I think you will agree Meredith's work is absolutely divine.  Meredith Woolnough works as a secondary teacher while producing amazing artwork like this in her spare time!!
Mushroom Coral Mandala, embroidery thread on paper, by Meredith Woolnough
'The Giant coral fan' by Meredith Woolnough, Embroidery thread, pins, glass rods on paper
Meredith's work is machine embroidered onto a water soluble fabric which is then dissolved to create what you see above!  You can watch an incredibly inspiring video on how Meredith makes her artwork on YouTube from a Colour in Your Life episode aired earlier this year.   How I would love to do a day course with Meredith.  I would love to give this a try with my most favourite gift of nature.... yep, you guessed it - flowers! 

All images courtesy of Meredith Woolnough