October 7, 2013

The Healthy Chef - Recipe Review

I recently discovered Teresa Cutter and her divine recipes and have been enjoying making my way through her recipe list!  We made these soft shell fish tacos for dinner tonight and they were delicious and very filling.  I've also tried a couple of her chocolate recipes, the naked chocolate cake was tiny even in a small tin but delicious.  I suggest you double it if you want a normal size cake.
These flour-less cupcakes were also delicious.  I made them in a shallow cupcake tin as I thought the batter didn't look enough for a regular muffin tin, they were a nice size to enjoy without being over-indulgent, as was the cake.    
Unfortunately our harshest critic didn't like either chocolate recipe, it could have been the texture of the almond meal in the muffins so I will try the coconut flour version next time but my theory is she will just have to get used to the new taste of Chocolate baking in our house!  Have you got a favourite Teresa Cutter recipe?

All images courtesy of Teresa Cutter