October 11, 2013

School Holiday Happenings

This is what the last few days have looked like in one corner of my world, lots of muddy mud fun. Yesterday the kids played out there for three hours straight, I just stripped them off and hosed them down at the end of the day, then they got a warm bath!!  Got to love this warmer weather... finally.
Anya loves to draw and we let the kids go to town with chalk on our pavers, this was her unicorn/Pegasus pony!  I've tried to do a few creative things these holidays as Anya has missed our crafting times together since she started school.  We started hand stitching a little felt bag this week too, you can see a little snap of her work in progress on my Instagram feed. 
These guys are becoming good little mates and have enjoyed spending the holidays together, they will miss each other next week when school resumes.  Usually I get really silly faces from Josiah, a smile caught on camera is near impossible, so I will take what I can get......and those eyes, I can almost tell what he is thinking!