October 30, 2013

Crafting at Home

Anya was home sick from school three days out of five last week, she caught her brothers nasty cold and then got a tummy bug on top of that, poor kid.  We did lots of crafting though - thank goodness for Pinterest and ABC kids.  We found some cute robot printables and made little colouring in books from the contents of our recycling bin.

Mer Mag's cereal box craft prompted the robot book and some bookmark threading.  It was Josiah's first time threading and he did pretty well, there were lots of these faces though.
I also had some free local magazines we get at the shops and both kids thoroughly enjoyed cutting them up, Anya made a collage and J just hacked them to pieces - oh the freedom in that!

On a side note, I'm pretty keen on my children learning the etiquette of thank you notes and the joy of hand written mail, so Anya spent a few days writing thank you notes for her birthday gifts received.  We usually make cards but I grabbed Kikki K's gorgeous Karneval pad so Anya and I can share it!  Anya received the Karneval activity book for her birthday too and it is a great gift.  The sweet paper bunting in the first photo is from the book.