April 25, 2013

Winter Wardrobe Inspiration

I do own a pair of red boots that are still going strong six years down the track but I love these Dr Martens!  They would be nice in brown - a little bit chunky, just how I like them.
A lovely warm looking coat via Antagonist, I think the brand is Ohta!  You don't see enough lovely coloured coats for sale in Australia in my opinion.  They always seem to be bland!  I peeped into my sister-in-law's closet last time we were in NZ and she has a fabulous coat collection!!  I was inspired to widen mine since we wear them for a good portion of the year.

I could do with a few colourful additions to my scarf collection this year also... I did buy some divine soft pink stretch fabric from A2F, just trying to decide if it will become an infinity scarf or top.  I like this option too and have cut out the pattern, wondering if it will translate to stretch fabric?!

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this blog before but I like Audrey's style (not over-done) and would happily wear this outfit with some boots for our current Autumn weather!
I'm not sure if I am brave enough to buy a coat from Etsy!  This listing claims to be wool but is a bit scant on details.
Another lovely coat, even if it is grey!  I found this on Pinterest but unfortunately they have taken the link down citing it as suspicious - so if you know the source feel free to let me know.  Beautiful neck tie/built in scarf, no?  I feel warmer already :-)