April 16, 2013

Mothers Day Artwork DIY: Holiday Activity for Children

Yesterday we made some lithograph artworks with paint, paper, trays and fingers: idea found here!  It was simple, effective, messy and fun!  We'll be using some of our artwork for mothers day cards.  We did all our painting indoors at the dining table and used ordinary paper.  The framed picture was 'printed' on watercolour paper which added some lovely texture to the print.  
I have an old baking tray dedicated for crafting (or cover yours in foil which was suggested here).  Josiah worked in a recycled plastic biscuit container that I save for crafting.  He enjoyed the finger painting more than producing an actual picture.  Then he painted his arm and his container became a drum! 

It was a really great project, especially for Anya's age - five years.  She loved being able to 'rub' a picture out and start again if she didn't like how it was working out.
Anya was left with pink hands but it eventually came off in the bath - she had her hands in the paint for a lot longer than Josiah.  We used ordinary kids paint from Bunnings not actual finger paint.  Such an effective result don't you think?