April 29, 2013

Dear Stella Chevron Quilt

This is my Dear Stella Chevron quilt, finished just in time for the cooler weather.  I ordered the fabric through one of my favourite online stores, Hawthorne Threads.  I had the quilt almost finished, ready for binding at the end of last winter but struggled to find the right colour to compliment the chevron fabric.  Last weekend it got pretty cold so I set off on a mission to come home with something to bind my quilt no matter what. I am really happy with the spots!
I backed my quilt with a thrifted sheet and only quilted the dark-grey zig zags!  Glad I didn't commit to quilting all the zig zag's because it was pretty painful with the stopping and starting!  It is intended for the end of my bed but will spend most of the cooler weather in the lounge room, wrapped around me at nights!
Hmm, yes could have ironed it for the photos :-)  I am partial to quilting a large piece of fabric just as it is, over doing lots of cutting and arranging as I appreciate the pattern of the fabric more and lets face it - it is way less time consuming!  I am so glad to have finally finished this project.


Yana said...

Lovely quilt, beautiful colours. Yep I agreee, sometimes the print is very nice on its own and works better than patchwork.