April 1, 2013

Food Glorious Food: Healthy Recipes

I found a great new Aussie photographer/stylist called Chantelle Grady who has some amazing food recipes (and photographs) on her blog.  I have made two of her Quinoa three ways recipes and they are delicious.  I will put the pesto on the side next time for the haloumi and roasted tomato recipe, it was too heavy for me mixed through.
I served my dressing on the side for the below salad as well as blanching my broccoli with the sultanas for a nicer finish.  It was really lovely and light and I felt full afterwards. 
I had to invert Chantelle's photos in photoshop given the black background her recipes are on, I enlarged the photo then I transferred the jpg to word for an easy print out!

All images courtesy of Chantelle Grady

Ed's note:  A friend alerted me to this article on Quinoa - an interesting read and definitely a good reminder on eating locally.  The fabulous news is there is an organic farm located in Tasmania.  The price is comparable to our supermarkets but you do have to factor in shipping.