January 25, 2013

Art Deco Headpiece Sash: Australian Etsy Seller

This is a really lovely piece and sparkles far more in the light than can be captured by my photos.  While I did not do the beading, it took hours to hand sew the piece together.  It is beautifully made and is finished off with a soft suede non-slip backing.  Perfect for waist or head! 
I think it lends itself to the art deco style quite nicely but is really quite timeless and could go with any style.


gret said...

This is great! Gorgeous. I'm thinking about something to wear to Brad R's wedding in March...thinking about one of your headbands - I have a straight black dress beaded at top and bottom - 1920ish style, though more fitted. Do you think plain diamante colour would go, or should I try something with black feathers?