January 9, 2013

Millinery Poupee Australia

Finally a poupee (pronounced poopay) {canvas head} to call my own and pin the life out of!!  This isn't a traditional Millinery poupee but a wig making head.  Since actual poupees are as rare as hen's teeth and I can't wait 10 years to find one - I was delighted to find this head selling in Australia.  I'm not sure what I will name her or which is the 'front' but I really need to cover those ugly staples at the bottom!!!

A new silk chiffon blossom... very ethereal in a beautiful Champagne colour finished off with Swarovski pearls and seed beads... heading out for a photo shoot soon.


Laura said...

Perhaps Penelope the Poupee? :) Your work is consistently exquisite Ros, I especially love this latest blossom!