January 3, 2013

Furniture Renovation: Vintage Children's Bed

Josiah's big bed is finally in his room!!!!!!  Hoorah!  He is awaiting a doona cover which I plan on making before winter, a cotton waffle blanket will do for now.  I would 'dearly' love this doona (duvet) cover.  These sheets are pretty fabulous too but not the price, they cost more than the bed!
This is how Porter's Paint colour: 'Obsidian' came out on the bed - I would have preferred it slightly darker grey but it still looks great.  I wasn't mentally prepared for the bed to sit so high off the ground?!  Most vintage beds I have seen have the wire mesh base with the metal rails you can just see above in black.  I am however thrilled with the result of my first ever complete furniture renovation!!

Oh So Happy Together
Megan Mcewen
Garnet Hill
Some cool covers I have pinned!  I like the colours in this last cover not necessarily scallops for my little man.


Jordan - Polkadot Prints said...

Oh that deer head one is awesome! Would match the bed perfectly, but yes, maybe not so good on the wallet! :)

Amanda K said...

Wow, big bed already! I can't believe he is that big :) Gotta say I love a simple waffle cotton blanket, makes me think of childhood hot summer nights.