February 4, 2013

First Day of School

Yep I joined the Mothers of school aged children club today!!  Anya started Kindergarten and was so excited to get out the door and just get there, photos were taking too long, I was taking too long!! 

So we are at the whole of school assembly where the principal is giving his address - I can't recall what he said to prompt this reaction but I see a tiny lone hand raised in the Kindergarten first row.. yep, it belongs to my girl!  She had something to say!!! ha ha ha  I was feeling a little nervous for what might come out next but the principal didn't notice her and the Kindy teacher came over and heard her out, phew - turns out she was keen to share she has been learning to read :-)  I do love that she felt confident enough to do that in front of so many people!    The Kindy parents were having morning tea afterwards while our children filed past off to meet their year 6 buddies - Anya spots me, does a *double fist pump* and yells out, "this is awesome"!!!!!!  I have been chuckling all morning, so happy she is happy!

Lexi from Pottymouthmama has eleven great tips for kids starting school - worth a read even if yours has already started!