July 25, 2012

School Holiday Activity: Mini Clothes Line

Have you heard of busy bags?  I've seen them on Pinterest and not quite sure why I didn't have one hundred of them planned out for the school holidays!!!!!  You bet I will be on my game for the Christmas break :-)  This is the Clothesline bag by Money Saving Mum.  Four pieces to make, dress, trousers, shorts and t-shirt.

Anya cut out the paper templates on her own, then she pinned to the felt and cut out herself - she did request some tidy lines from Mum!!  Then.... as you can see - let the embellishments begin.  I don't have a final photo but every piece is covered in felt shapes which I machine sewed on.  The activity was perfect for her four and a half year old self and she was engrossed for a good hour and a half.   She typically loves crafting though.