July 24, 2012

Furniture Renovation: Hardware Inspiration

I am looking for a handle for my bedside table.  This is the Pharmacy Double Vanity from Restoration Hardware.  I like the 19th century pharmacy fixtures look.

Not surprising I also like these Art Deco handles from Lauras Last Ditch on Etsy.  I am up to priming the cabinet... waiting for a non-windy day, no kids about and opportunity to get it finished so I can paint!!
A simple brass handle takes my fancy too - I love the shape.  A hunting I will go... hope to get a second hand one.

I have to say, thank goodness school resumes this week.  Three weeks holiday felt like a VERY long time.  We had some lovely days but goodness, some trying times... especially with miss four.  I have quite a few projects on the go at the moment...  one day soon you might actually get to see an 'after' photo of something finished :-)  For now here is my bed-side table, stage one and stage two.