July 19, 2012

Catherine Martin: Deco Collection

Woo woooooo, have you seen these little beauties?  Just released by Academy Award winning designer, Catherine Martin for Designer Rugs.  The above rug is Garden Party and the below is Feathers.  So stunning.
The rugs are hand knotted from Tibetan wool and silk - somehow I don't think these will be bought by people like me with small children - I will admire from afar instead :-)

Black Pearl
Catherine also designed a range of Wallpaper (which has been selling at Anthropology) but I believe are stocked here in Canberra at the Paint Place in Mitchell.  The Paint Place sell Porters VOC free paint... which I am using for my first DIY furniture project.  Bed side table find - thank you R!  I won't have a Deco rug anytime soon but I had to share these delicious designs and swoon, just a little.