March 1, 2011

Have you discovered Pinterest?

Oh my you will be hooked! Pinterest is a great place to collect all the fabulous images you see and want to remember or drool over daily on the web - virtual inspiration boards basically! I am slowly putting my boards together although my internet time feels more limited than ever these days - I know my google reader is groaning with inspiration begging to be read! I 'pinned' this stunning Hydrangea bouquet on my 'flower board' the other day from Mondo Floral Designs in Qld.

Mondo's work is gorgeous and they have a great real wedding diary for you to feast on - if you are getting hitched or just like flowers or weddings! I really like these bridesmaid dresses and in such a gorgeous shade of purple!


gret said...

Cool, I always wanted a hydrangea bouquet, but alas, boiling hot early march just wasn't the month....:(

can you send me a link to your boards and we can follow each other?

Kristi said...

Beautiful images and yes, I love's so much fun!