March 18, 2011

Friday Favourites - Hair Accessory Inspiration

I have been perusing the net for some inspiration for both hair pieces and photo styling, I found these via Shibawi.

This is a fun fascinator and I think an even better photo, showcasing the head piece. I love that shrug too - or top of the dress?! Gorgeous.

All but the blue head piece are from Johanna Johnson.


Anonymous said...

Oh. Those. Are. Gorgeous. Honestly, I think I was born too late. Should have been around in the Great Gatsby era, I think, so I could wear outfits like those. Particularly like the last image.

Posie Patchwork said...

All gorgeous!! Oh yes, i wonder if we start wearing even more hair adornments when the GG movie is made?? Be the first Ros, go for it!! While you're at it, design something for Kate Middleton?? Maybe a wedding piece, love Posie

june at noon said...

Very fancy! And those are definitely great styling examples.