September 24, 2010

Thank you for taking my survey

Image - Amanda Keeys Photography

Thanks so much to everyone who took my survey last week! The survey is now closed. It was great to get such lovely positive feedback and some constructive criticism. Both are very useful in building my little business, refining my products and seeing where my strengths and weaknesses lie.

Thanks for all the great suggestions - I will do my best to implement those that I can. Thank you again for supporting me - It is much appreciated. I struggle to get anything done for my business at the moment. It is a very slow process and two young children certainly keep me busy. I day dream about when they can play together while I sit with them sewing away :-)


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh did i miss a survey, bummer, but i get to tell you what i love in person i guess.
Trust me, you'll have those children playing together at your sewing machine pedals or while you hand stitch on the lounge in no time, look at me, poof, all 4 in school & one about to start high school, mind you, it's been 10 years in business!!
Have to say, when they start school you have less time as THEY have a life - school hours, homework, activities . . . i got a lot more done before they started preschool. Love Posie