September 29, 2010


Did you know has a sister site called Craftumi? Here is a blurb from Madeit explaining what it is all about if you don't know already!

We are very excited to announce the arrival of's new sister site is for the buying and selling of supplies and equipment used in the creation of art and craft projects.

You can find new supplies and used equipment from crafters as well as commercial wholesalers.

Craftumi is the perfect place to find supplies for your next art or craft project from painting to scrapbooking, card making to jewellery making.

Craftumi is owned and operated by the same people as If you have any questions please email us at Visit for all your craft supplies.

How do you pronounce craftumi?
Craftumi was inspired by origami
Pronounce craftumi - craft-u-mee

Anyway, I hope to sell some hair making supplies on here too! Just finding time to photograph and list them!!


Nattie said...

Oh wow! This is so great!! Thanks for sharing this!! :)

Jordan - Polkadot Prints said... are the girl to know!! Off to take a look :)