September 28, 2010

Divine Ceramics by Caroline Swift

I love a good story, especially regarding creative journey's and Caroline Swift's is a great one - such a varied career path she has had. Now residing in Spain, Caroline makes the most amazing ceramics.

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know I love WHITE and ceramics! These bone china bowls are unbelievably delicate and the top photo reminds me of coffee filters all stacked up!

I just want to run my hands over them - I wonder if they feel like soap stone? Have you ever felt soap stone? It is deliciously tactile (the polished stuff anyway).

Most of the dishes in my kitchen are white but none as beautiful as these... one day perhaps when I don't have small children I will invest in some lovely ceramics.

In the meantime enjoy these delightful images - I could stare at them all day.

Photos courtesy of Carolyn Swift - used by permission.


Chantal said...

Stunningly beautfiul ceramics. I love it all.

Brenda said...

I though they were made from paper when I first saw them! How beautiful and delicate!

Anonymous said...

Oh, those are just take-your-breath-away gorgeous! I know I'm a yoga teacher, and I'm supposed to not feel attachment or covet things, but I want me some of them there bowls!

Leonie said...

hi there,
I saw this spoons & i love it!
where can i buy it?

thanks & have a good day.


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