September 23, 2010

Friday Favourites - Calligraphy stamps

Like letter writing and snail mail, calligraphy is almost a lost art - I am sure Gen Y would call it vintage for sure. But bringing it back are fabulous Etsy stores like emililies. I may have discovered emililies through Oh Hello Friend?

You can get self inked stamps (below) or the good old fashion rubber stamp! A lovely touch for the back of your Christmas mail, special letters and especially to accompany a gorgeous handmade item.

It's a long weekend in Canberra for family day or something?! Not 100% sure but I will take a long weekend with hubby around without batting an eyelid. Speaking of my gorgeous husband, he has accepted a new job in the private sector! We are looking forward to the change and him being closer to home - in Canberra that seems ridiculous because it is such a small 'city' but having one car and an unreliable, scant bus service can make commuting in this town a pain - especially since we have moved! Anyway - have a fabulous weekend!


pepper said...

these are beautiful! if i had one I'm sure I would write letters and notes just so i could stamp them (and also to be nice, of course)

thanks for sharing :)
Pepper x

Posie Patchwork said...

Congratulations on GG's new job, yes, love a long weekend, especially AS I WILL HAVE A HUSBAND BACK IN MY ARMS!! 'twas a long 9 months i assure you, love Posie