September 16, 2010

My Creative Space - Butterflys

I made some simple butterfly's from card-stock and Cristina Re paper for the Shop Handmade window display I did for Spring. The pattern was from an old Better Homes and Garden Christmas addition - I can scan it in and post it up if anyone is interested, there are four variations.

While all my elements looked great individually it really didn't come together as planned :-( The paper flowers I made a few weeks back were for 3 rings that were supposed to come together as a paper chandelier!!

Unfortunately my idea didn't work out as planned. I planned in 'event-theming' dimensions (like a middle of the room piece) instead of a window-display perspective! We ended up flipping the rings so they faced the window - they made much more impact but I couldn't help thinking they looked like Christmas wreaths - oh so many elements were just 'wrong'.... Anyway - we live and learn. I just thought I would share when something doesn't quite go to plan instead of hoorah look what I have done - I am sure we have all had them! See what everyone else is working on this week at Kirsty's.

I also made this custom order for a bridesmaid to be :-)


Little Ted Canvas said...

That's gorgeous! I was just palying around with a paper butterfly garland yesterday..

Nattie said...

Oh wow! really pretty butterfly! I'm addicted to Christina re paper, so pretty!! :)

Chantal said...

Lovely butterflies. Great choice of paper print. It's perfect.

by marie-nicole said...

Very pretty butterfly.

Thanks for your message yesterday... I fixed up my profile to include the email function, thought I did not even realise it was switched off, so thanks for mentioning that.

Hope you're having a great day.

gretchenmist said...

at least you tried! and yep, we all have them. the butterfly looks pretty on its own :)

Teek said...

The butterflies are beautiful.. Could you share the copy of BHG it was from???( i might have it).

Teek said...

thanks for the info re BHG.. I do have that one. I am off to look at it.
Thanks again

Posie Patchwork said...

Still beautiful work at Shop, the butterflies are delightful. I die cut mine but your work has a super pretty edge. Love Posie