March 17, 2010

Tips for Craft Market Stall Holders

Definitely not an exhaustive list but some food for thought....
  • Have business cards and make them easy to find on your stall.
  • Professional presentation is always encouraged as stall holders are a reflection on the market you attend! (i.e. iron your tablecloths people)
  • Signage is key to people knowing who you are, finding your stall, branding recognition and overall presentation.
  • Signage is even more effective when people can see it! Get creative - 'height' is key. Signage on your table gets lost the minute you have a couple of customers stand in front of it.
  • *TIP* - Pop up banners are the best for indoors - the Banner shop do a very cheap X banner for $49. These type of banners aren't suited for outdoors - you are better getting a vinyl sign with eyelets so you can attach with a rope or making your own!
  • Less is more on print material - use one brilliant image with your logo/business name at the top.
  • Why not entice shoppers with a bowl of lollies etc.. Make sure it is seasonal, i.e. not likely to melt or a wrapped lolly that can't be smudged all over your product!!
  • A very clever marketing tool I saw recently was 'branded' fans in Summer - it was a very HOT day and everyone was walking around advertising for this particular stall holder - SMART! People were driven to the stall to get a fan... and while they were there....
  • It is hard competing with fellow stall-holders for business when you have a similar product. Try and think outside the box with the way you display your items. Again, sometimes simplicity is the key...
  • Have an emergency box packed with things like, BABY wipes (for you and all that dirty money you are handling), panadol, WATER, snacks, business cars, blue tak, pins for your tablecloth etc...
  • A simple notebook & pen can be a great way to capture people's comments, what is your hottest product that day, what have people asked for that you don't have, potential sales to follow up on.
  • Be nice to your neighbours and stick to the space you have been allocated.
  • If you are feeling a little disgruntled with the organisers, it's best not to complain to your neighbours nor customers - the crafting community is very small and there are such things as secret shoppers :-)
  • Look interested!!! Looking bored isn't very appealing to customers and please don't bring the paper or a book to read!
  • A chair is handy but only on your break or for your helper.
  • Everyone loves a friendly stall-holder as long as you let them peruse your stall comfortably - they are more likely to make a purchase if you aren't watching them like a hawk or looking like a desperate 'rabbit in the spotlight - dying for a sale'.
  • Most of all have fun, try and visit some other stalls - you never know you could make a few friends and score some fabulous market loot yourself!
I collated this post for the Handmade Market blog ages ago and realised I didn't ever publish it on my own blog - so here it is!


Richelle said...

Great basic tips for any stall holder! Thanks for sharing :)