March 10, 2010

Tips for applying to a craft market or fair


I posted this blog post today on the Handmade Market Blog but thought I would share it in my own space too!

What makes an appealing stall-holder application:

  • Supply quality photos of your products
  • If you are relying on your blog, make sure these are quality photos & big enough to enlarge – don’t just use thumbnails
  • Dark photos of your products detract
  • Name your photos and other documents with your business name
  • Sometimes less is more – stick to your genre and do it well, instead of trying to cover all bases or categories
  • Use an email address that reflects your business name
  • Be polite
  • Make sure you read terms and conditions and the application CAREFULLY, you might find this answers a lot of your questions and saves contacting market organizers over and over again!!
  • When you send a link to showcase your work make sure it is a direct link so it doesn’t have to be searched for! This is time consuming and when there are hundreds of applications to go through - yours may get overlooked.
  • Be prepared for rejection
  • There is a difference between persistence and stalking :-)
If perhaps you were unsuccessful:

  • Be polite in your response
  • Shooting yourself in the foot is unprofessional and unwise - burning bridges never helps future applications :-)
  • Try not to take it personally
  • Different markets target certain demographics
  • There may be limits to how many stalls the market accepts, or how many stalls in the one category, get accepted
  • The market may just not be looking for the type of product you offer


Posie Patchwork said...

You totally rock Ros, love it!! Hope tomorrow's Creative Spacers check it out too. Should we expect your pin tuck cushion?? Love Posie

Jordan - Polkadot Prints said...

Thanks Ros. Totally appropriate for me right now!