March 12, 2010

More Fabulous Finds - Doug Up On Bourke

A few more of my favourites from Doug Up On Bourke but a few more in metal this time. This really is my new favourite shop!

I have a thing for cabinets - have you noticed?

Either of these would look cool just inside the doorway of my new place - somewhere to put your keys and mail and telephone!

These are just cool!

Ahhh dreaming of lovely pieces to fill a truck! I enquired about a rough price on cabinets and they got back to me straight away and also recommended I come and look as they have too much to put on the website! *giddy* I have often whinged about Australia's lack of proper vintage / flea market shopping opportunities - but I think these guys have satisfied my cravings.


gret said...

Wow, great find!!

Amanda K said...

Siiigh. I need to go! What was the price range like?