March 31, 2010

Love is in the air - engagement invitations

Some dear friends in Brisbane are having an engagement party soon and sent out these stunning invitations! Unfortunately we won't be flying up for it but will make it to the wedding later in the year :-)

I have to take some credit for supplying the idea I saw on the fabulous Melbourne blog, Eat Drink Chic :-) But I can't take any credit for creating them! Hannah was lucky enough to have a very patient sister Rachel to make the hearts for her and Phil even joined in on the action by sewing up the felt pouches! Good man :-)

I think you would agree the colours they chose are fabulous, I love the Grey felt with the yellow. Colin Cowie has a saying about a great start to an event is making a big impression within the first 5 minutes of guests arriving but I think it also starts with the invites, don't you. This is sure to be a wonderful celebration!


Marquita said...

Oh so pretty :-)))

Market Girl said...

That is gorgeous, we have our idea for the next VIP event!
Well done you x

Jordan - Polkadot Prints said...

Oh, and I love these totally should take the idea credit!! :)

evasuperstar said...

Hi - invites look great - would like to do something similar for my own engagement invites.

Wondering which template you used to include invitation details on the paper and if you have a link to this??

Many thanks

Rosalind said...

They are from Eat Drink Chic, Evasuperstar, if you click on the links you will find more information!