March 26, 2010

Friday favourites - Tartelette

I found this devine blog called Tartelette which features a gazillion amazing recipes and most of them SWEET - which I love.... how divine is this photo - well since Helen is a food photographer/stylist and French Pastry chef - it is no surprise really!!! The images make your mouth water. I quite like whipping out my macro lense to photograph food - especially when it is something I have made etc... Although some of my favourite macro photos I have taken are of fruit! This blog will be going straight to google reader!

{image used with permission}


Polly said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Those tartelettes look amazing!

gret said...

Ah, yes, one of the only foodie blogs I consistently read. It is perfect eye candy...only wish I had the time to have a go....I love that recipes are always included with the amazing photography. xx

Little Angel Little Devil said...

hmmmmm yummmy could manage one of those right now!! See you Sunday xxx Rach