July 10, 2013

Pod Park: Canberra Arboretum

The pod park opened in Canberra's Arboretum last week and we popped by on Monday to check it, with half of Canberra it seemed. Anya was fine going up into the big acorn which has the longer slide although she said she got pushed around a bit.  I'm not surprised as there were far too many kids in there, they needed crowd control something chronic. 
To his dismay we only let Josiah go on the the smaller acorn and slide which he ended up loving and went on over and over again, try telling a three year old the big slide is not a good idea!
The Banksia nut section is for the younger children, full of sand and musical instruments.  They have a few rock walls and climbing ropes dotted around the outskirts of the acorns and a large rope area behind that which was cordoned off when we visited.   
It is a wonderful park which we will go back to but I was super concerned about safety in the craziness of our visit that day.  I myself couldn't wait to get OUT of there.  I don't usually have a problem with crowds but I think the combination of frazzled children and frazzled parents did my head in.
The park is open 9am - 4pm and is just outside the visitors centre.  Judging by it's popularity it seems Canberra (or just the Arboretum) should build a few more of these parks!  We are off on a little holiday, see you in a couple of weeks.