July 30, 2013

House Inspiration: Wall Treatments and 3D Printing

I wouldn't mind this over-sized Magnolia on my dining room wall.  From what I can gather it is the dining room of a Missoni home, taken from a house tour on this Russian interiors site.  The slate look on the wall is actually decorative plaster and the flower is a 3D cut from ash wood.  I thought the flower looked like it was made from plaster, but it makes sense to be made from a light material - you wouldn't want it falling off and knocking out your dinner guest.  There is soo much to love about this image and colour palette...

Speaking of 3D digital crafting... have you heard of 3D printing?  Ebay has recently launched an app called Ebay Exact which allows you to order custom 3D printed items, pretty limited at this stage.  Once people figure out what to do with 3D printing (apart from make guns) I think we will see it creep into mainstream design very quickly, although Scientists are already freaking out about health risks!  

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