July 1, 2013

Book Review: Ruby Who?

After seeing the short film "Ruby Who?" by clever creatives, Hailey and Andrew Bartholomew of You Can't Be Serious fame, I was delighted to buy a copy of the book.  I am donating one copy to Anya's school library in the hope that it will be chosen over barbie and my little pony books.  I slap my forehead every time my daughter brings one of those home.

Ruby Who? is a story about a little girl who re-discovers her identity and realises she doesn't need everything that everyone else has in order to be herself.  "I like to be me" is her final realisation.  The book is filled with quirky, fun illustrations by Alarna Zinn and it is an easy, happy read and concludes with a great lesson. 
We haven't really faced this issue at school yet with Anya but a walk through the shopping centre certainly brings out a lot of, "I want, I want".  This book is a great conversation starter and currently on sale for only $19.50AUD.