October 9, 2012

Free Printables

I love a free printable and I have been using a few lately for different things.  These cool little 'Lets do Coffee' cards from Eat Drink Chic were perfect for our Mothers Group Coffee and Dessert evening coming up.
I finally got around to doing this fabulous project for my sister's birthday this year, from Oh Happy Day!  I decided to print all the postcards out and post them to everyone with a self-addressed and stamped envelope so that people would actually do it!  She recieved all twenty five cards and said it was her favourite present.  

My lovely friend Jordan from Polkadot Prints, is always good for a free printable.  She also did a short video on getting the best results for printing from home, which answered a few of my questions - I can't find the link for now but she basically said (from my scratchy memory) the best results are when you use the right ink for your printer and quality paper.  A simple tip but it made all the difference for me, I had been using a cheaper ink and my colours were stripey and yuck, but now all good - Thanks Jords.

Found the link to the video!