October 12, 2012

Flashback Skinny Tee by Made by Rae: Pattern Review

I love Made by Rae's - Flashback skinny tee pattern - I've seen it everywhere and so many cool tops made from it.  This is what happened when I made it!!!   What on earth happened to the neck of this shirt???  I made a size two because back in May when I started it, J had only just turned two!!  He is almost two and a half and while it still fits - it is pretty snug under the arms.  I do have a sneaking suspicion if I go back and read the pattern it will say something about measuring a neck etc... ha ha 
The shirt was re-purposed from my youngest brothers shirt as seen below... this was 5 years ago... that is Anya all snug in my wrap (spew cloth in tow).  The F.Skinny Tee is such a quick and easy pattern and is now available in bigger sizes.  I will definitely be making it again .... once I sort out the neckline!!!


gret said...

Haha, great minds. I just posted about the same pattern. Yes, I'd recommend checking all the meaurements before sewing. Also - just thought i'd let you know I couldn't post any comments when using your .net address. Strange? I had to type in the blogger address before it would work on any post. Hope you guys are well xx