October 16, 2012

Children's Birthday Cakes

I made this cake for Anya from the Women's Weekly - "More cakes for Kids" book (as seen here) and I thought it turned out pretty well.  It is the white choc cake from page 85.  I didn't do the fluffy mock cream icing though, just one quantity of butter cream from pg 167 (half the amount of butter).

The butterflies were so easy - the birthday girl was tickled pink!!  Just melt the chocolate, tint it, pour into an icing bottle or bag, trace butterflies onto baking paper, then trace over with the icing in your bottle.  I just drew the number five and filled it in, the butterflies are so easy you could free-style those too!  Anya took a loooong time choosing from the book, she looks at it all year!!!  Oh and get yourself one of those flat icing knives, they are the bomb.  I would really love to make one of those ruffle cakes you see on Pinterest but they look a bit too time consuming for me :-) One must retain ones sanity...